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Terms and Conditions for Digital Services by Tayyaba Rehman

Tayyaba Rehman works hard to give her clients high-quality services as a professional SEO content writer, WordPress Website Developer, and Digital Marketer. Tayyaba Rehman has set up certain terms and conditions that both parties must agree to before they can work together. This is to make sure that her clients get the best services possible.

  1. Project Scope: The client must clearly define the scope, including the goals, deadlines, and deliverables. Tayyaba Rehman will estimate the time and cost involved in completing the project. Any additional work outside the scope of the project will be billed separately.
  2. Payment: The client agrees to pay the agreed-upon fees in full, according to the payment schedule outlined in the proposal. Tayyaba Rehman reserves the right to withhold work until payment is received.
  3. Revisions: Tayyaba Rehman offers up to three rounds of modifications for each project. If the client requests additional modifications beyond the agreed-upon limit, Tayyaba Rehman will bill for further work.
  4. Intellectual Property: The client retains all intellectual property rights to the content and design created by Tayyaba Rehman. Tayyaba Rehman may use the work as a portfolio piece or for self-promotion but will not sell or transfer the work to a third party without the client’s express permission.
  5. Confidentiality: Tayyaba Rehman will keep all client information and work confidential and will not share it with third parties without the client’s permission.
  6. Termination: Either party may terminate the agreement at any time for any reason. The client will be responsible for payment for all work completed up to the point of termination.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, both parties can start working together, knowing what to expect and their responsibilities. Tayyaba Rehman is dedicated to giving her clients great service and ensuring they are happy with her work.

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