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Tayyaba Rehman

Tayyaba Rehman is an entrepreneur who provides 
digital services to businesses and individuals.

Skilled practitioner in a specific domain

I am a skilled practitioner in a specific domain and have a high level of expertise and competence in providing digital services. I possess a deep understanding of the subject matter and have gained skilled experience through practice and training. I possess a unique set of skills and am able to apply them in a precise and effective manner to achieve the desired outcome.
Following are my expertise in different fields:


SEO Content Writing

As an experienced SEO content writer, I am skilled in producing high-quality content that is optimized for search engines. I understand the importance of incorporating relevant keywords and phrases into content to improve its search engine ranking. My writing style is versatile and can adapt to different industries and target audiences.


I have extensive experience in writing blog posts on a wide range of topics. I can create engaging and informative blog posts that are designed to drive traffic to a website and increase engagement with the audience. I am skilled in writing in different tones and styles, including informative, educational, and persuasive.


I have experience creating guest posts for
clients published on high-authority websites that are useful to the audience and bring people to the client's website. I know a lot about the process of guest posting, including how to find relevant websites, pitch ideas, and write content that meets the website owner's needs.


I'm good at writing Amazon affiliate articles that promote products and bring in money for my clients. I know a lot about the Amazon affiliate program and how to write articles that get people to buy. I am skilled at creating informative and persuasive content that drives users to make a purchase.


I know a lot about search engine optimization (SEO). I know how to use tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. I can do keyword research and implement on-page SEO strategies. I am also experienced in off-page SEO techniques like link-building and guest posting.

WordPress Development

I can build custom websites using WordPress. I've designed and built WordPress sites before, using custom themes, plugins, Elementor to make beautiful, mobile-friendly (responsive) sites, and Rank Math to make sites friendly to search engines


I offer responsive website services that make sure your site works well on all screen sizes and devices. This means that your website will look great and be easy to navigate, whether someone is viewing it on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. With my responsive website design services, you can ensure that everyone can get to your website, no matter what device they're using.

E-Commerce Websites

I am a professional who offers services in creating e-commerce websites using Woo Commerce, a popular e-commerce platform for WordPress websites. With my knowledge, I can help businesses set up online stores that are good for sales, customer satisfaction, and user experience.


I am skilled in using rank math to optimize websites for search engines and can use it to analyze website metrics and come up with ways to improve a website's ranking. I can use Rank Math to find keywords and make my website content work better for search engines.


As a skilled digital marketer, I can plan and run digital marketing campaigns that bring in more traffic and get more people involved. I can make content marketing plans to raise brand awareness and bring new leads. I've made campaigns before using email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization, among other methods.


I have extensive experience using Elementor to design and develop websites. I know how to use Elementor well to make custom website designs that look good. I know a lot about the Elementor platform and can use it to make search engine-friendly websites.

Social Media

I have a lot of experience with social media marketing. I can make interesting content and graphics. I know how to use Zoho Social and other social media management tools to schedule posts, track engagement, and analyze performance. I can also create paid social media campaigns using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads to target specific audiences and drive conversions.

Proof Reader
& 0 Plagiarism

I offer professional proofreading services to make sure your writing is clean and free of mistakes. With my attention to detail and thorough approach, I can help you catch any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes, as well as identify areas where the wording or structure could be improved. I specialize in providing plagiarism-free content by using advanced software tools.


I offer landing page services that help businesses make web pages that work well and make people want to visit them. I make sure the landing page is optimized for conversions and meets the client's specific needs. I focus on creating a good layout with clear messaging and a strong call to action so that users will be more interested and the business will get more leads.


I offer Canva services, such as making beautiful designs for social media graphics, infographics, logos, presentations, posters, flyers, business cards, and other things. I also offer customization services to create designs that fit my clients' needs. Whether for personal or business use, I can help bring my clients' ideas to life through beautiful and professional designs with Canva.

  • High-Quality work

    I'm committed to giving you high-quality work that fits your needs and goals, and I always try to go above and beyond what you expect.

  • Up-to-Date

    Because I pay attention to detail and can adapt to changing needs, I can make sure that your website and online presence are always up-to-date and set up for success.

  • Effectively Communicate

    I'm proud of being able to talk to clients clearly and effectively, and I'm always available to answer questions and give advice when needed.

  • Committed with Projects

    As a passionate and dedicated professional, I am committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices. I bring that knowledge and expertise to every project.

  • Trust and Reliability

    I am a reliable and trustworthy partner who always puts the needs and goals of my clients first and works hard to get results that go above and beyond what they expect.

  • Deep Understanding

    I can make websites and content that look good and work well because I have a good eye for design and a deep understanding of user experience.

  • Affordable Package

    Choosing me means choosing affordability without sacrificing quality. My packages are designed to fit any budget without compromising on the level of service provided. I am dedicated to delivering exceptional results at a price that won't break the bank.

  • Solution of Goals

    I understand that every business is unique, and I pride myself on my ability to tailor my services and solutions to meet clients' specific goals.

  • Online Presence

    As a professional focused on getting things done, I am dedicated to helping you reach your business goals and making you successful in every part of your online presence.

  • Happy clients

    I have a history of success that can be seen in the number of happy clients and testimonials that attest to my ability to do high-quality work.

  • Focus on Needs

    With a focus on collaboration and open communication, I work closely with my clients to ensure that their needs and goals are always top of mind.

  • Innovative

    I am a creative problem-solver who is always looking for new and innovative ways to help my clients succeed and who isn't afraid to think outside the box.

  • Long Lasting Relationship

    I think being open is the best way to build strong, long-lasting relationships with clients, so I always try to keep communication honest throughout the lifecycle of a project.

  • Unlimited Revisions

    If you want a digital service provider who is dedicated to providing you with exactly what you need, then choose me. I will work with you until you are happy with the final product, and you can ask for as many changes as you want.

Digital Services that Walks, Talks & Sells for you.

How do you work Tayyaba?

My Workflow

1. Preparing

In the initial stages of the project, I mostly ask questions and have discussions with my clients about their needs. I want a crystal-clear understanding of their needs and wants. I can only deliver a finished piece once both sides are satisfied.

2. Design

Once I have a sufficient grasp of the client's objectives and desires, I may design the initial portion of the website. I design simple during this process, avoiding the use of colours, graphics, and styling options. I next provide this idea to my client, and after their approval, I move forward with the visual design. I'll fill in the details and bring it to live here.

3. Development

I continue by installing all the plugins I require for the project once the design is complete and my customer is satisfied with it. I will then begin generating the pages one at a time and email my client preview links as I go. This makes it easy to collect feedback for me and assures my client that they get the items that they want.

4. Detail

I provide a final preview link to my client once all the pages have been produced inside of WordPress. We will review the outcome and make any necessary corrections to create the ideal website. I will launch the website and perform the necessary Google optimization (if client wants) after one last review.

Questions I often get

Frequently, I am asked the same questions. I've included the most prevalent in this section.

Who owns the website once you've completed it?

You. Nothing on the website is mine. I can grant you full administrative access, allowing you to delete me as you see fit. You paid for the website, so it belongs to you. If I so choose, I would like to include the website in my portfolio.

How much time is required to complete a website?

Minimum 3 to 5 days for a single page. This depends greatly on how many pages and rounds of changes are needed to make a high-quality product.

Can I edit the websites myself?

Yes! This is one factor that distinguishes me from other individuals who sell websites. Since I use the most recent software, editing the text, images, and other page content is a breeze. You can nearly alter everything if you so choose.

What is your price per website?

I accept projects with a minimum budget of $300-$500. The final price will depend on your needs and wants, the design, and how well it works. The cost of making a WordPress website depends on how complicated the project is, what features are needed, and how much work needs to be done. For e-commerce website I will charge minimum $1500-$2000. Contact us for a custom quote.

What services do I offer for digital marketing?

I offer digital marketing services like SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, content marketing, etc.

What services do I offer for SEO content writing?

I write blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and meta tags optimized for SEO.

How do you measure the success of digital marketing campaigns?

I use website traffic, conversions, leads, and sales, among other metrics, to figure out how well digital marketing campaigns are doing.

How do you choose keywords for SEO content writing?

I use tools and methods for keyword research to find relevant words and phrases that users often search for.

How do you optimize website content for search engines?

To optimize website content for search engines, I use on-page optimization techniques like keyword research, meta-tag optimization, and content formatting.

How do you create effective social media campaigns?

I make effective social media campaigns by figuring out who I want to reach, making interesting content, and using tools for advertising and promotion on social media.

What services do I offer for a website redesign?

I offer website SEO, typography, website redesign and development, and website optimization, which means improving a website’s speed, performance, and user experience. It’s important because it can improve website rankings, increase traffic, and reduce bounce rates.


My Skills

SEO Content Writing
Digital Marketing

So impressed with the final product!! Great experience.


United States

I had a great experience working with Tayyaba for my digital marketing needs.
She is very professional and knowledgeable and helped me grow my online presence.


United states

Tayyaba did an amazing job with my website development.
She listened to my needs and delivered a beautiful and functional website. Her attention to detail is impressive. 



I've been working with Tayyaba for a few months now for SEO content writing,
and I'm very happy with the results. Quality of the content is great.



I needed a new website for my small business, and Tayyaba made the process
easy and stress-free. She was always available to answer my questions and delivered a beautiful website that exceeded my expectations.


United States 

I am so impressed with the results from Tayyaba's digital marketing services.
My website traffic increased significantly, and I saw a huge improvement in my search engine rankings.
Thank you so much. 



Tayyaba did an amazing job with my WordPress website development.
The site looks professional, runs smoothly, and is easy to navigate. I highly recommend her services. 



Thanks to Tayyaba's SEO services, my business has seen a huge increase in organic traffic.
The improved search engine rankings have led to more leads and sales.
I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their online presence.



I was blown away by the quality of work Tayyaba delivered for my WordPress website development project.
She created a site that perfectly represented my brand and met my needs. 



Her SEO content writing services are second to none. She was able to create blog posts that were
optimized for search engines and engaging and informative for my readers. I couldn't be happier with the results.



Tayyaba is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about her clients.
Her digital marketing services have helped my business grow and thrive.



I am so impressed with the quality of work Tayyaba delivered for my website development project.
The site looks amazing, functions perfectly.



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